Y litter


11.10  were born 8 puppies, all of them are tricolor - 2 females and 6 males . Mother is Jeanna, father is Forda.



... and the whole pack...



Yogi Bear (male) "Yogi"


Yarrow (male) "Flek"


Yussoff (male) "Sofik"



Yaffa (female) "Yaffa"



Yahoo (male) "Hugo"



You-Haeve-Ho (male) "Rup"



Youri-Kay (female) "Youri"



Yum-Yum (male) "Nam"




Here you can see bother and sister from the second last litter ( same parents).

CH. Quaintman z Vrbové Lhoty

CH Quandary Z Vrbové Lhoty


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