Forrest Gump Simply the Best

nickname " Fordy, thick ear "

Born: 8.5.1995 in Germany (Wachtendonk)

Breeder: Gasner Tanja

Color: tricolor

Height: 38 cm

Allowed to sire: 15.8.1996

Fordy´s Pedigree


Titles: Interchampion, czech champion, Slowakai Champion,Club champion, Club young winner,Club winner 2x, Czech veteran champion, CAC 14x, Res.CAC 7x,CAC Slowakai 3x, Res.CAC Slowakai 2x, CAC Slowenia 1x, Res CAC Slowenia 1x, CACIB 5x, Res.CACIB 7x,BOB 5x ,BIG 1x, BIG 3. 1x, CACA 1x, National winner 

Exams: BZH I.prize 241 points, exams winner



Forda - 8 years


Forda at the shows:

Special show BC CZ, Ceska Lipa 2003          IHA Wroclaw 2003

best veteran - male                              3. best veteran in the show


jugde: H.Haldimann, CH                                                            jugde: J.Opara, PL


Club show BC CZ, Trebíc 1998                   IHA Praha 1998

CAC, club winner                                                              V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG


jugde: S.C. Millner, D                                                          jugde: p. Fencl, CZ


Club show BC CZ, Prague 1996                              NHA Stockerau, A 1996

V1, young winner, BOB                                                                           V1, CACA


jugde: K.Sonntag, D                                                                           jugde: M.Martegani, CH


Special show BC CZ , Novy Dvur 2001

the best couple ( Fordy & Nashira Rapa - Nui)

jugde:Kendler, A


Fordy in everyday life:






Fordy at the exams:



Fordy´s  successful offsprings:

ICH. Undine Pale Rapa - Nui

ICH. Vogue Vixen Rapa - Nui

CH. Asta Rychlonožka                                           

CH. Quaintman z Vrbové Lhoty

CH. Quandary Z Vrbové Lhoty

Belinda Z Vitonského panství

Reno Raynes Z Vrbové Lhoty 


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