Rossa Blyskavica

nickname: : " Kokino "

Born:30.5.1994 v Morkovicích

Breeder: Josef Weinlich

Color: tricolor

Height: 39 cm

Allowed to sire: 8.8.1996

† 23.9.2004

Rosik´s pedigree

Titels:  CAC 3x, Res.CAC 6x, Res.CACIB  1x, Czech champion, CWC 1x, Club Champion

Exams:   BZH I.prize 234 points - 2 place, agility MA2, ZOP - 100 points





Rosik at the shows:

Club show BC CZ 2004                                            IHA Litomerice 2004

Club Champion                                                                                V1, nicest veteran, 3. nicest Veteran on the show


                                                    ,                                               jugde: V Sruk, CR


Club show BC CZ 2003                               NHA Jelenia Gora

V1, Veteran Club winner                                                  V1, nicest veteran, 2. nicest Veteran on the show


jugdes:  D+C.Ashmore, GB


Rosik in everyday life:












Rosikat the exams ZOP:





Rosik´s offsprings:

25.10.1996 Forrest Gump Simply the Best, 1 x male tricolor, 3 x female tricolor

4.11. 1999 Hijacker von Igelweg, 3 x male tricolor, 2x female tricolor

4.7.2001 Forrest Gump Simply the Best, 5x male tricolor, 2 x female tricolor




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