Undine Pale Rapa - Nui

nickname: "redskin "


Born: 30.6.1997 in Teplice

Breeder: Barbora Budkova

Color: bicolor

Height: 38 cm

Allowed to sire: 28.7.2001

Andry´s Pedigree

Titels: Interchampion, Czech junior champion,Czech champion, Slovak champion, Special show winner 2002, Club champion,  CAJC 5x, CAC 8x, Res.CAC 4x, BOB 3x, CACIB 3x, CAC Slovenia 2x, CAC Slovakia 2x, 2.BIG 2x, VDH - CAC,   Res.CACIB 1x, excellent 3. in   Euroshow in  Tulln 1999

Exams: BZH I.prize 274 points, CACT


Champion of the Champions 2001   !

4. Place in the group 6. - Hounds




Andrysek at the shows:


Special Show BC CZ Chotebor 2002                             IHA Katowice 2002

V1, CAC, Special Show Winner                                                       V1, CWC, CACIB, BOB, 3. BIG


Jugdes: Mr. and Mrs. Eberhardt, D                                                  Jugde: K. Reisinger, A


Club Champion BC CZ                                  IHA Brno 2001

                                                                                                            V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, 2. BIG


                                                                                                        Jugde: Urosevic, YU


IHA Nitra 2000                                Club Show BC CZ Nove Veveri 2000

V1, CACIB, BOB                                                     Junior handling 1. Place with Denisa Sloupova


Jugde: Petr Dvorak, CZ                                               Jugdes: K. Sonntag a A. Derscheid, D




Andrysek in everyday life:












Andrysek at the exams:




Andrysek´s offsprings:

3.10.2001 Shellaf Billy Whizz of Dialyne, 3 x male tricolor, 4 x femalen tricolor

11.5. 2002 Järve Baro Edler von Helle Berge, 3 x female tricolor, 3x female bicolor

26.5. 2004  Diktátor Tel Quel, 2x male tricolor, 4x female tricolor

30.6. 2005  Romeo Tergy, 2 x male tricolor ,1 x male red/white, 5 x female tricolor



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