Agon Adrigon

                                nickname: "Orange"   

Born: 12.8. 2001

Breeder: Adriana Weinlichová, Skapce

Color: bicolor -  tan / white

Height: 38 cm

Allowed to sire:8.2.2003

Agi´s pedigree 

Titles: Czech champion, Slowak champion, Club Winner 03, Special show winner 04, Slovak Junior Champion,  CACIB 2x, Res. CACIB 1x, CAJC SK 3x, CAC CZ 13x, CWC 2x, Res.CACIB 3x, Res.CAC CZ 4x, VDH - CHA Res., CAC SK 2x, BOD 1x, BOB 7x, 1. place BIG  2x, BIG 1x,  BIG 1x, National winner Mlada Boleslav 2003, National winner Mlada Boleslav 2004, National winner  Brno 2003, National winner Ostrava 2004, National winner  Brno 2004, Nicest dog in the race Glogow 04, Middle and  East Europe Cup 2003 winner , Champion of the  Champions 2003

Exams: BZH I. Prize 226 Points, res.CACT 


!   Champion of the Champions 2004   !

2. Place in the group 6. - Hounds



 The most successful beagle in the season 2004 in the Czech republic



!   Champion of the Champions 2003   !

1. Place in the group 6. - Hounds



                                                The most successful beagle in the season 2003 in the Czech republic


Agi at the shows:

NHA Walzbrych 2004                          MVP Brno 2003   V1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG           

V1, CWC, naj.pies w rasie, BOB, 2.BIG                   East and Central Europe winner                                     


jugde: W.Burski, PL                                              jugde: K. Reisinger, A                                           


NHA Nitra 2003                            Club show BC CZ 2003

V1, CAC, BOB, 3.BIG                                        V1, CAC, Club winner,BOB                               


jugde: M.Muszial, PL                                        jugde: D. Ashmore, GB                                                   


NHA Mlada Boleslav 2003   

V1, CAC, National winner, BOB, 4.BIG


jugde: J.Nemec, CZ


Agi at the exams:



Agi in everyday life:







Agi´s offsprings:

3.6.2003 Jeanny Z Vrbove Lhoty  - 4 x females tricolor, 2 x males tricolor

1.12.2003 Perlinka Z Vrbove Lhoty  - 1 x female tricolor, 6 x males tricolor

 25.12.2003  Millenium Queen Tergy, 2 x male tricolor, 3 x male bicolor, 2 x female tricolor

3.6.2004   Arga Stil Košíkov, 1x female tricolor, 2x male tricolor, 2 x male bicolor

13.9.2004 Vogue Vixen Rapa - Nui, 1x male bicolor, 1x male tricolor, 2x female bicolor, 3x female tricolor


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